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At Arcadia, we are constantly on the move.

We engage in new developments in the field of sustainability, are always developing the optimal range and looking at how we can develop together to continue to delight and innovate every day. You can read more about this here. Want to be first to be in the know? Then follow our social media channels too.

Introducing Tropicana

07 Sep 2023

Introducing Chrysanthemum G Pumpkin

31 Aug 2023

Return of autumn range!

28 Aug 2023

Say hello to Matchpoint!

05 May 2023

Introducing our latest addition, Alvera!

03 May 2023

Won prizes at the Keukenhof Chrysanthemum inspection!

31 Mar 2023
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Where else can you find Arcadia?

We regularly attend trade fairs and events, or can be found via Decorum. Wondering where and when you can find us? Ask one of our salespeople.


We believe in working together. Working with people we can learn from always gives us an edge. This is how we develop together.

Ronald Olsthoorn Sales & Management