about us.


We are Arcadia

Growing top-tier flowers is something you do together.

Our team is our strength. We know one other inside out and utilise one other's expertise. For example, we regularly discuss matters concerning different locations and we stay abreast of everything Arcadia-wide. Utilising other's qualities and getting the best out of one another is what motivates us!

Making consumers happy with beautiful flowers, we do that together too! Together with our customers, we supply the largest selection of disbudded chrysanthemums. With our wide range, passionate sales team, and membership of Decorum, we are the go-to outlet for disbudded chrysanthemums.

In our team, you will find people who have mastered the true art of growing. We use the latest techniques, but enjoy a hands-on approach. We are determined, have our own vision and work hard.


Be amazed.

The disbudded chrysanthemum excels in colour and diversity. It offers endless possibilities for composing or complementing a bouquet. Whether you are looking for a perfect eye-catcher or a romantic flower that brings unity to a bouquet, you can never go wrong with a disbudded chrysanthemum from Arcadia. Fancy some inspiration? Check out our lookbook, or download the brochure.


Arcadia employs passionate professionals.

Arcadia employs passionate professionals at various levels. We challenge one another to get the best out of ourselves and our abilities. This attitude often puts us at the forefront when it comes to sustainable developments that move our business forward. We were amongst the first to adopt innovative methods of cultivation, which can still be seen in our greenhouses today. We already use geothermal heat and LED lighting and will soon take another step towards CO2-neutral cultivation. Innovation, we think it is only natural.

So it is with good reason that the name Arcadia means Utopia (ideal world). In cultivating and marketing, the focus is on creating a perfect match with the market. With 26 hectares across 4 locations, Arcadia is the go-to outlet for disbudded chrysanthemums.

quality. Perfect product
collaboration. As one team
innovative. Continuous improvement
sustainable. People, planet, profit
entrepreneurial. Entrepreneurial organisation

Everyone rolls their sleeves up here. Of course, we all have our own areas of expertise, but we really do it as a team. Growing top-tier flowers is really something you do together!

Rene van Doorn Location Manager