Say hello to Matchpoint!

The newest member of our pompom-shaped disbudded chrysanthemum family.

This beautiful, round pompom is bright white in colour with a fresh green centre and perfectly complements any bouquet or arrangement. Whether you are putting together a romantic bouquet or making a festive table decoration, Matchpoint is the perfect addition to your creations and Arcadia Chrysanten's existing pompom range! The first Matchpoint will be auctioned at Naaldwijk and Aalsmeer from Monday, can't wait? Matchpoint is already available in the Decorum Arcadia online shop.

Hart arbeiten in einem netten Team, das flexibel ist, wenn man es braucht, und in dem jeder auf den anderen achtet. Das ist es, was die Arbeit bei Arcadia für mich so toll macht.

Danielle Scheffers Administration