Return of autumn range!

The arrival of autumn once again heralds the reintroduction of our autumn range this year.

This means that in the coming weeks, we will once again be enriching our range with gorgeous varieties such as Fuego, Tusca, Vienna Copper, Vienna Pink & Vienna Crème. Apart from these varieties shining in any autumn bouquet, Aljonka Salmon will leave the scene again and make way for Kalimba Salmon. This gorgeous disbudded flower won the hearts of many last year and will therefore be available in abundance again this autumn!

Неважно, будет ли это полная фура или небольшой заказ на 20 стеблей. Благодаря большому ассортименту мы можем предложить 90% сортов и цветов крупной хризантемы.

Bert van Ruijven Management