Introducing Tropicana

Introducing the newest product from Arcadia Chrysanten, the enchantingly beautiful Tropicana.

With its irresistible colour combination of bright red and framed by radiant yellow, this versatile Pompom is the most eye-catching flower of the season! As a result, Tropicana adds warmth to your autumn bouquet and brings joy and colour to a sunny summer arrangement. Tropicana will be supplied to the clock in Naaldwijk and Aalsmeer from tomorrow (Friday 8 Sept). Can't wait? Tropicana is also available in the Decorum Arcadia online shop as of today!

Каждый день работать с замечательными клиентами. Обеспечивать оптимальное соответствие нашего ассортимента меняющимися требованиям рынка. Вот к чему мы стремимся!

Rene Eikelenboom Sales