Decorum pools the muscle of dozens of carefully selected plant and flower growers, who all share one thing; a passion for green. For us, plants and flowers are simply the most beautiful things on earth. They make the world around us more pleasing, provide peace and quiet and, as well as producing oxygen, they engender good feelings, relaxation, happiness and health.

Clients are guaranteed high quality products, straight from the grower. And, as always, with Decorum's compliments. We are on a daily quest for innovation and improvement. Innovation across a wide range of topics, including logistics, new products, growing systems and new concepts.

Propelled by a customer centred approach and in tandem with our growers, at Decorum we aim for surprise and innovation. Our growers are selected with care and only one objective in mind: to bring the widest possible selection of plants and flowers under the umbrella of one brand. The Decorum growers cultivate their plants and flowers with a passion, care, love and a deep respect for nature.

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